The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game is a drama based on the true story of Alan Turing, the pioneer of modern-day computing and computers and unsung hero of World War II. He is a genius but lacking in interpersonal skills. He led a group of scholars, chess champion and linguists during World War II and changed the course of history by cracking the unbreakable codes of Germany’s Enigma machine; the machine used by Germany during the war to communicate in codes. They were able to crack the code and helped shorten the war and saved millions of lives.

Alan Turing was arrested by British authorities after breaking into his home to investigate a reported burglary. He was arrested on charges of gross indecency and homosexuality which is a crime at that time.

Part of the movie explores the boyhood of Alan Turing where he had a crush on his fellow student and how he repressed it; the other part of the movie is about his work designing the machine to crack the code. Although the film dealt with the homosexuality of Turing, there is no sexuality at all in the film.

The way the story is told where it goes back and forth from the childhood of Turing to the present worked very well. The movie not only has outstanding performances specially Benedict Cumberbatch but also has great screenplay and plot. The editing is perfect which made the movie fast paced from beginning to end. Most biopics are boring and slow paced but not The Imitation Game. It is an art movie made for awards but it is an art movie that the general movie going public will appreciate and watch.

Benedict Cumberbatch starred as Alan Turing, Keira Knightley as Joan Clark, written by Graham Moore and directed by Morten Tyldom.

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