The Fundamentals of Sport Betting No 2 – Types Of Sports Betting Markets Recommend Article

It can be confusing for novice or inexperienced bettors to have so many betting options for a given contest. There will be specific options for sports, but there will almost always general products that can be used to bet on all kinds of sporting events. For example, the simple “win” bet is a common type of bet that works in nearly every sport.

Let’s look at some examples of betting options that a sports investor or gambler might encounter when they approach the betting window or log into an online betting site to place their bet.

Win Betting – The simplest type of betting proposition. The Boston Celtics will beat the Chicago Bulls. This type of bet is on the selected team winning. There is no need for further explanation.

Pointspread Betting : Many punters from Australia have emailed us asking how to place pointspreads. Also known as “handicap”, or “line betting”, they are often confused with “handicap”. It is very common in America. This involves placing two teams in a contest and handicapping them to create a market of approximately “evens”. Example:

Team A: 22.5 points, $1.91

Team B: +22.5 Points, $1.91

At -22.5 points, Team A is the better team. This means Sbobet Online they must win by 23 points or more to win the bet, or “cover”, in betting terms. For Team B, at +22.5, they must lose by no less than 22 points to receive the cover. This bet type also allows Team B to win outright.

Parlay Betting A parlay (or “multi”, as it’s known in Australia) is a way to connect two or more outcomes in order to place a bet. The bet will lose if one of the outcomes doesn’t happen. Parlays have a higher risk but a higher reward. Multiplying the outcome price will result in an approximate payout.

Let’s say, for example, that we like Federer (1.02), Nadal (1.10), and Hewitt (3.40) in the first round ATP tennis tournament. Instead of betting on each match individually, we can combine them into one betting ticket. Each result must win to receive our final payment. If all three of the players win, the payout would be as follows:

Payout = 1.02×1.10×3.40 = 3.815 $30.15 on a $10 bet returns $38.15.

Totals Betting: This is a popular type of bet that wagers on the combined game total of both sides at the end. It doesn’t matter which team wins the contest. This type of wager is very popular in the NFL, MLB, and NBA. Information about the likely game pace, defensive match-ups, and scoring trends over time can all help you to determine whether an “over” or “under” situation is possible. The over/under market for an NFL game may be set at 48.5 points. A final score of 28-20 (= 48) would be considered an under. A final score 28-21 (= 49), would be considered an over.

Prop betting: A “prop” bet is a wager on a variety of smaller propositions that surround a particular game. This could include “first scoring play” in NFL (field goal, touchdown or safety), “coin throw – heads or tails”, “over/under 30.5 quarterback sacks”, etc.

Proposition betting allows a punter the opportunity to take a financial stake in a specific opinion. It can also add to the fun of the game. This is a great way to enjoy the superbowl.

Our team made sure to only invest in markets and types of bets that have the lowest margins.

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