pet taxi in northwich, knutsford cheshire

 “are we there yet?”

pet_taxi_02If you have trouble finding time to get your pet to that special appointment, whether it is a pampering at the parlour, or the dreaded vets visit, I can transport them in safety, in the professionally converted chores4paws van.

The van has 4 travel compartments, which can accommodate all size and shape of dog.  A partition wall can be removed so  that dogs can travel more than one per cage if they like to be together.  Each cage has a soil tray which can be removed without the pet being let out of the cage, if it needs to be cleaned.

A cat box can be secured in the smallest cage to ensure a comfortable and safe ride.

And if it helps, I can sing to your pets whilst they are being transported, at no extra cost!



Prices are shown per trip, where I remain in custody of your pet.  For example, if I take your doggie to day care in the morning and go back to pick them up in the evening, this is classed as 2 trips.  If I take your pet to the vets, stay with them for a brief consultation, and bring them home, this is classed as 1 trip.

services prices
Vet visits
Boarding kennels visits
Grooming parlour visits
Doggy day care run
£6 under 10 miles
£10 under 15 miles
(per trip )

Prices negotiable for multiple trips, trips over 15 miles or of longer than 30 minutes duration


 Sorry, but I am the only designated driver!

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