Low Level laser therapy for hair loss: efficacy analysis by MENSCRIPT

The use of low-level laser treatment (LLLT) to treat hair loss in males has grown in increasing popularity in recent years. With companies promising to slow the rate of hair loss and improve hair density and thickness after few uses.

In the case of MENSCRIPT however these claims are exaggerated. MENSCRIPT is an Online Health Clinic for Men and allows patients to consult an online doctor and get treated for conditions like Erectile Dysfunction, hair loss acne and skin ageing.

In order to figure out if LLLT proved to be effective in preventing hair loss, they analysed the studies. According to their research, LLLT does not appear to be as effective as made out to be. A lot of the claims being unsubstantiated by research-based evidence.

According to them, there’s no scientific evidence that supports the claim that LLLT can stop hair loss. Since LLLT lacks efficacy against DHT, the root reason behind hair loss MENSCRIPT asserts that its effectiveness against hair loss is doubtful.

They also discovered the majority of research to have clear connections to the business. They also found that the majority received financial support from the manufacturer who sells the product. They are questioned about their legitimacy. Apart from study sponsoring, MENSCRIPT criticises the current reseach on two other accounts that are study length and improvement in clinical quality.

To read more about this review and how to use LLLT to combat hair loss, you can read their complete analysis at their site: Laser therapy for hair loss: efficacy analysis