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“who’ll let the dogs out?”

Nik-&-BooI have been passionate about animals since I can remember.  When I was young I didn’t want a pony or a dog; I wanted a Zebra and a Fox.  But instead I got the most loyal, fun loving companion in the shape of a long-legged Jack Russell.  We would spend every hour of the day together having adventures in the Surrey countryside.  Ever since then I have felt I understood animals much better than humans, and mostly preferred their company too!

I didn’t make animals my career choice, I went into nursing (humans) and after spending a few years as a qualified nurse I went into the Marketing side of the medical device world.  Just recently, after 20+ years in this environment, I took redundancy and saw this as my opportunity to follow my passion.

RieleyAlong with my partner, I share my life with some very special animals who bring happiness and joy to my life.  Rieley, a rescue cat from Manchester, now enjoys the Cheshire countryside; she is a keen tree-climber and loves to bring in the odd small friend as a gift for me. I have become an expert at catching small, fast rodents and releasing them to freedom, much to Rieley’s disgust at me spoiling the game.

jazJaz has earned her very pampered retirement after racing for 5 successful years at Belle Vue Racecourse in Manchester.  She adapted well from kennel life and now enjoys prime position in her bed by the radiator.  She has more coats than I do, and must certainly be the best dressed greyhound in Cheshire.

hensMy hens roam free to their hearts content in a large garden producing beautiful golden yolked eggs in the summer. Betty (used to have a side kick, Wilma) is an ex-battery hen, she had no feathers and a pronounced limp when she arrived at the menagerie, but soon got to the top of the pecking order and now bosses Ruby and Belle around at any opportunity.

I recently undertook an Animal Psychology Certificate, it doesn’t make me an expert in understanding animals, but it does help in identifying their needs and ensuring I provide the safest possible environment for them to have fun.

I am DBS checked – this is not a requirement for a Pet Care Service provider, but I want you to be comfortable with me caring for your pet and having the keys to your house, knowing I am honest and trustworthy. (The Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) have merged to become the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). CRB checks are now called DBS checks.)

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